About Us

Michel Perret Multi Services aim is to be a ‘one stop shop’ provider for the foodservice channel in Europe. Currently we are one of the leading food item suppliers across 4 emirates in the Europe with a well diversified portfolio. We analyze and operate in trading market to meet market demands. Our facilities include fully air-conditioned warehouse with an inbuilt walk-in freezer and chiller rooms providing 20,000 sq. ft storage space for dry goods and up to 10,000 sq. ft space for frozen and chilled products. Europes being among the largest foodstuff consumers, hosts people from different parts of the world who love and live taste. This fact has given rise to the establishment of our foodstuff trading company in Europe. If you are looking for one, you can reach us with your bulk foodstuff requirements. At Michel Perret Multi Services we supply a variety of food related items from fresh to dry and continuously expanding our supply facility along with our geographical presence to ensure quality standards and client satisfaction.

Mission & Vision

• Honesty & Integrity

– We will achieve our objectives through honesty, transparency and honoring our commitments to both customers and partners. •


– To provide our customers with high quality products and services with true value for their money.

Customer Satisfaction

– To earn our customers’ loyalty by maintaining a high level of satisfaction.


– To always support and develop our greatest asset, our employees.

Core Values

At Michel Perret Multi Services, we believe customer satisfaction begins with the earth: the land from which the grower creates fine brands and fine produce that are key to our way of doing business. We believe that integrity, trustworthiness and honesty are integral to who we are as a company, and so, we insist that at every stage of what we do, Michel Perret Multi Services works in partnership with our suppliers,. We insist on Fair Trade principles and ethical business practices that support even the smallest grower.

We also stipulate that the choice of produce we accept, and its delivery to the our customers’ tables, are all done to the highest ethical and quality standards. It is this passion for getting things right and our refusal to compromise on quality that have established our reputation for nearly four decades.

Strategic  Objectives

– Creating social value through innovating management.
– Proactively managing supply and demand of agricultural goods.
– Building an efficient & stable supply-chain management system for better logistics.
– Managing trade for the Michel Perret Multi Services industry.
– Providing a better business environment for the food industry.